Nutritional Pro vs Nutrition Analysis

Nutritional Pro and Nutrition Analysis compared

If you need nutrition information for your food products, you have two options – analysis by calculation (Nutritional Pro) or Laboratory analysis

Laboratory Analysis

  • More Expensive, approximately £120 per analysis
  • Slow
  • A Sample of your food product will need to be sent to the lab
  • Accuracy of the analysis – In order to gain a good average analysis, often multiple samples are needed resulting in additional analysis costs
  • If the analysis does not fall within your product nutritional target, you will have to pay for another test on one or more adjusted samples

Nutritional Pro (Analysis by Calculation)

  • Lower Cost
  • Quick & Easy
  • Requires No Samples
  • Enables you to achieve target levels before making the product
  • Easy to make adjustments to your recipe on screen


Nutritional Calculation cannot be used for certain foods eg. fried foods were cooking loss and oil absorption occur at the same time (unless you know the oil absorption) and fermented foods