1. New custom allergen bolding feature (you now have two different allergen options) The new option enables you to bold words within the ingredient declaration.  Example; Milk Chocolate, the previous version allowed you to tag allergens Milk Chocolate (Milk). The old method is still maintained you can select the new method in the options menu
  2. US Packet label – updated to the new layout with added sugar
  3. New US reference values
  4. Update sub-recipes – option to automatically update recipes reliant on the sub-recipe
  5. Release a license to use on another machine or when changing computers
  6. Add recipe groups direct from the recipe library
  7. Change ingredient prices direct from the recipe screen
  8. New categories on the recipe sheet
    • Type – this can be user defined
    • Hotness – the hotness levels can be user defined
    • Suitability – suitable for vegetarians, vegans etc
  9. Very small quantities – Declaration will now report ingredients that are present in very small quantities up to 10,000th of a percentage (previously only 100th of a percentage)
  10. New export format in Tools. The export can handle larger databases with an export direct to a CSV file format.  The report has yes and no columns for allergens.  The original Main 8 reports are maintained which can be saved in any of the 26 different formats – the Main 8 report with ingredient declaration is restricted to 400 recipes.
  11. Automatic version checking – Nutritional Pro will check our website to confirm if your version number is up to date
  12. Calculate sugar tax feature – currently this applies to very few products but if this list grows Nutritional Pro is ready for it
  13. Liquids – you can specify in the ingredients library that you want to enter an ingredient as a liquid (requires you to know the specific gravity of the liquid)
  14. Auto calculate added sugar (required for US labels). This feature needs to be enabled in the options menu
  15. Bug fixes and stability improvements