• Walkthrough

    The installer will walk you through;

    • Setup
    • Agreement
    • Your information
  • Program Location

    Nutritional Pro will show a default location for the installation. Unless you have a good reason to change this location for example installing on a server please accept the defaults

  • Database Location

    Complete – Complete install is appropriate in most cases (By default Nutritional Pro will store your database in your “Documents” folder

    Custom – If you have a specific requirement to change the database location, selecting “Custom” will allow you to make these changes. This is useful if you want multiple copies of Nutritional Pro to access the same data. Note: If you change the database or program location please ensure that all users have read/ write access to this location

  • Install

    Windows UAC (User Account Control) may appear, Nutritional Pro is a safe application, and is okay to allow.

  • Database Update

    Please allow the database updater to run