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Nutritional Calculation Software

Nutrition information analysis and labelling software

Nutritional Pro provides all your Nutrition Information Analysis required for Food Labelling. These include Front of Pack Information, Allergens, Nutritional Information, Traffic Lights, Reference Values, EU Labels & USA Label formats.

Nutrition Calculator

Nutritional Pro makes it simple to calculate the nutrition for your dishes or recipes. Simply select the ingredients from a list to build the recipe. As soon as the recipe is saved all the nutritional information is immediately available energy, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and much more.

Labelling Software

The program provides all the information needed for labelling, Ingredient declaration, allergens, front of back information, traffic lights, reference intakes.

Recipe Analysis

Nutritional Pro is the ideal partner for recipe development allowing you to interrogate your recipes and find out in an easy-to-understand graphical format. Find out which ingredients are contributing the most to important metrics like salt and saturates. Helping guide the development of healthier products.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional information is at the heart of Nutritional Pro. The program can display over 250 pieces of nutritional information about recipes and dishes. However, to make sure that the information this can be filtered down by the click of a single button to display just the main 8 ingredients needed for labelling.

Nutritional Pro provides all your Nutritional Calculation needs in a powerful but simple to use format.

All the information that you need for your labels – and much more.  Traditionally Nutritional Pro has been used by food manufacturers who needed to comply with the Food Ingredients Regulations for their labels.  The program is now increasingly used by a much wider range of customers:

Food Service customers use the software for their specification information and allergen tracing.

Restaurants are increasingly providing better customer information and use the Main 8 report which provides nutritional information, allergen and ingredient information for all dishes in a single document.

Hospitals, Schools and Nursery’s use the program to monitor the nutritional quality of the meals they offer.

Councils and Trading Standards departments use Nutritional Pro.

Universities and Schools use Nutritional Pro for training and as a learning tool for students.

Corporate Companies use Nutritional Pro extensively within their development departments to guide the development of new product nutrition.

Nutritional Pro is a feature rich Nutritional Calculator with a host of features that are not available in most other calculators, the best way to experience the power of Nutritional Pro is to book a live web demonstration with one of our team or download our demonstration version from the download page.

Nutritional Pro is “The Nutritional Calculator” of choice for any organisation – retail , restaurant or educational – to provide nutritional information concisely and efficiently