The main data is sourced from the Public Health England, and can be found in McCance and Widdowson the Composition of Foods 7th edition. The software also has information from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

Yes, you can purchase a multi user license. For sites over 5 users please contact us to discuss your requirements.

You can purchase an unlimited version of Nutritional Pro which never expires or you can rent Nutritional Pro on an annual basis.

We provide support during normal offices hours & email only support out of office hours, subject to you having a support package. However the program is so easy to use we rarely receive support enquiries.

The principal data source is CoFIDS which is maintained by PHE (Public Health England) however care must be taken when entering user-entered ingredients to make sure that no mistakes are made, as this will affect the results.

Yes, one of the features of Nutritional Pro is a wizard that allows you to create your own ingredients. You can also create recipes to be used as ingredients. For example a pastry recipe that you frequently use.

Nutritional Pro gives you the choice of calculating cooking loss by weight reduction or analysed moisture loss.

Yes, you can create a recipe that includes other sub recipes that you have already saved as an ingredient. For example a pastry recipe that you frequently use.

Yes, Nutritional Pro provides QUIDing that drills down through any sub recipes. For example if you QUID mature cheddar and it is in the product and a sub recipe, Nutritional Pro will calculate the combined total.

The number of recipes is unlimited within the program. The only limiting factor will be your computer’s storage capacity, the largest database we have seen was just under 200 MB with over 30,000 recipes.

Yes, you can lock a recipe with a user generated password. This will prevent any further unauthorised or accidental changes. All the other features within Nutritional Pro will function. For example label information or nutritional information.

We have tried to make Nutritional Pro intuitive, so if you make an error Nutritional Pro will warn you. For example if you try to save a recipe with an ingredient that does not have a weight, Nutritional Pro will warn you and ask you whether you really intended to save the recipe with a blank ingredient weight.

Yes, Nutritional Pro has a powerful report writer that is screen sensitive and can save reports in 26 different formats, print reports or even send the report directly to your email client.

Some of the main exports formats are;

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, TIFF and so on

Our customer list is extensive and ranges from some of the country’s largest manufacturers with multiple licenses, restaurants to individuals. Any company or person with a need to provide nutritional, allergen, traffic light or ingredient information for their customers.
The two most common uses are:

  • Specification information generation (nutritional information, QUID, label declaration, traffic light etc).
  • Recipe development, reviewing the nutritional information before samples are even made to ensure they conform to the target guidelines.

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The program comes with a simple to use installer that will have you up and running in minutes. In the unlikely event that there is a problem you have support.

Yes, Nutritional Pro has been designed to run on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Citrix and Windows Servers.

One of the easiest ways to understand if Nutritional Pro will be useful to your business is to have a web demonstration. We will arrange to broadcast Nutritional Pro over the internet whilst one of our team talks you through the program. You can then ask questions about how the program would relate specifically to your business. Click Here to book now.

During the simple install program you can configure Nutritional Pro to store its program and data files in a chosen location. This enables these types of installation:

  • On a standalone machine with the program and data stored locally.
  • On a machine connected to a server, where the program is on the local machine but the data is on a server (this allows multiple licenses to access shared data).
  • On Citrix or Terminal Services where the program and data are resident on a server and delivered through the individual’s logon.

Nutritional Pro is fully compliant with EU1169, the program was updated in early 2012 to ensure that it was ready for the changes almost 2 years in advance of the regulations coming into force.

Nutritional Pro is continuously being upgraded with minor enhancements and improvements. These are generally released 2-3 times per year. Any upgrades that are related to changes in the legislation are released immediately.

  • No if you buy an Unlimited License you will not pay for any updates. However after 1 year, support will charged annually.
  • If you purchase an Annual License you will only pay for the license fee once a year, support is included in the price.
  • Food Data Services are developing other programs which may be linked to Nutritional Pro (Specification Writer and a Manufacturing Software Suite – there would be a charge for these programs).

Yes we can provide web training (similar to our web demonstration), to show you how to use the program. We can provide onsite training if required which would be chargeable at a day rate (however the program is so easy to use we rarely have been asked to provide this service).

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This is a common occurrence people are always changing their computers. The license is specific to an individual machine or user depending on the original setup configuration. Please Contact Us for remote assistance.

Yes Nutritional Pro allows data to be shared between a number of copies, however each of these copies of Nutritional Pro would need its own license. Multiple licenses are cheaper than single licenses.

Your recipes and data are stored on your own computer or server we do not have access to them.
If your data is not backed up automatically we would suggest that you regularly use the manual backup wizard which is built into Nutritional Pro (Tools >> Backup) to take a copy of your data and store it on a USB or other device that is independent of your computer. Computers can die without any warning and you would not want to have to input all your data again.

Yes, we have a free piece of software to import your information from other Nutritional Calculation Software and other data sources, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Nutritional Pro provides an easy way to track allergens. Once an ingredient has been tagged with an allergen, warnings will appear when the ingredient is used and these allergens will appear in the ingredient declaration in the format required by EU1169.

Nutritional Pro has a simple ingredients costing module as standard and will calculate the ingredient cost and portion cost of a recipe taking into account the cooking loss that is applied.

If you have an Annual License support is included within the cost.

If you have an Unlimited License support is included FREE for the first year, after that support can be purchases annually.