To start using Nutritional Pro training is not necessary, the program has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The icons generally tell you what function they perform and the program wont let you make fundamental mistakes (eg. deleting recipes used elsewhere in the program).  However, with self-learning there are many powerful features of Nutritional Pro which may take you some time to discover.

We offer two types of training:

Free Training

When you first purchase Nutritional Pro you can book a free web training session.  Similar to the web demonstration but a little more in depth where the presenter will walk you through all the features of the program.

On Site Training (Chargeable)

We can provide on site training for small groups (generally up to 10).  This is especially useful for larger organisations who need to ensure that all staff are up to speed with the program simultaneously. This also helps to ensure that all staff use the program in the same way (naming styles, references, categories, options settings etc)

Please contact us to discuss further