Data Files

Nutritional Pro comes with over 12,000 ingredients preloaded:

McCance and Widdowson

The latest version of  McCance & Widdowson (7th edition) containing CoFID (Composition of food integrated dataset) now maintained by Public Health England. This is the basis for our software & the rules contained within McCance & Widdowson are recognised by Trading Standards and by Food Ingredients Labelling Regulations for the purposes of determining nutritional values.

USDA Composition Database

Essentially the USA version of COFIDs. Whilst some of the US data varies slightly from the CoFIDs data it is considered to be a reliable source. It is preferable to use data from CoFIDS first, however there are considerable more ingredients in the US data

User Entered

If you can’t find the ingredients that you are looking for in the preloaded library’s then entering your own ingredients is easy. Nutritional Pro is specifically designed for ease of use & has a wizard to guide you through entering your own ingredients. The wizard will prompt you to enter allergens and double checks the data you enter. The information is usually obtained from supplier specification sheets or the products ingredient label.