It is important that you follow the below steps. Whilst the look and feel of the program remains the same, the way that the program is installed requires you to uninstall older versions first before installing Nutritional Pro 2019. Do not attempt to download and run the installer without first uninstalling the older version.

Note; Uninstalling will not affect your data eg. ingredients and recipes

  • Precaution

    1. Back up your information in Nutritional Pro, Tools >> Back Up
    2. Make a note of your database location, Tools >> Options >> Data Directory
    3. Make a note of the options settings
    4. Make a note of your existing license Help >> Enter / Release License Key
  • Uninstall...

    Windows Start Menu >> Settings/Control Panel >> Programs/Apps >> Locate Nutritional Pro >> Add or Remove Programs/ Uninstall a program

  • Check

    Once you have installed Nutritional Pro, open the options menu and check that the settings have been retained

Note; If you are sharing your data between two or more computers all computers must be on the same version